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Cutting Table for Roller blinds in the made to measure confection.


  • Keyboard entry for length; menu guided
  • maximum sizes 3 x 3 meters
  • integrated roll container , pneumatically movable
  • sensorized clamping across the total table with
  • fabric-clamp on the cut edge across the total table with
  • electric scissors on linear rails
  • constant control of the fabric edge
  • linear technique noiselessly
  • industry standard
  • maintenance-free

The fabric length will be entered via an Keyboard entry. The fabric edge runs out of the roll container across the table edge to the sensorized clamping. Only at accurate position the fabric edge will be clamped segmental. The clamping itself drives with the clamped material automatically to the programmed position of length.
The clamped material drives automatically to the programmed measure of length. The fabric edge is permanently monitored so, exact positioning and a cut in the right angle is warranted The sensor controlled electric scissors slices until the end of fabric and drives automatically back to the starting
The fabric-lamp and the clamping gives the cutted part automatically vacant to withdrawal

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