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HIGHTEX special machinery was founded in 1987 by the present general manager, Otmar Promper as a one man company. In a small workshop and the garage of the founder the first HIGHTEX special machines were developed and constructed.
In 2000 the decision was made to buy land and to build a production hall with office space. The area of this production hall is about 600sqm including office space.

HIGHTEX special machinery GmbH on the new site is a modern, growing orientated production company. HIGHTEX special machinery GmbH is one of the leading providers of special machines for both curtains as well as tube-filter industry in Europe.



The are two main sectors of HIGHTEX special machines:

Curtains industry:
The product portfolio for curtain industry includes mainly pre-part cutting, transport systems, cutting to length, ironing, quality check and automatic sewing. The offer of HIGHTEX special machinery GmbH in this sector reaches from standard devices to individual solutions. By using HIGHTEX special machines you will get higher productivity and better quality in your company. 

Tube filter industry:
In the sector of tube-filter industry there is a innovative transport system available. From taking the filter tube to the package the system provides automation and to rationalize the whole production process. Increase in productivity of 75% compared to conventional production is possible.  


The export share of HIGHTEX special machines is about 90%, mainly in the European Union. HIGHTEX special machinery provides both a wide spectrum of proven standard machines as well as individual solutions for your problems.